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For Inmates
Fund Raising
Contact Us
Thank you so much for your big heart to donate your time and thought into helping inmates. It is important to protect both you and inmates. So kindly follow the guidelines:
We do:
We do not:
We need volunteer who can help us to do Tweeter, maintain Facebook and connect to other groups who support non-profit organizations. 
We need to raise fund for inmates' tuitions. Only those programs provided by charity groups are free. Most programs for credits or career-buidling programs need to be paid. Even these programs offer inmates with nice discount, but many inmates lost their family supports, and need our supports.

We want them to be WELL prepared when they return to the society; not turn around and go back to where they just got out.
We do not share any volunteers' information with any individual, any groups.
We write to inmates on the monthly base. They like to keep a nice penpal who undestand their feelings, frustration and hopes.

Write without any judgement, after all, we all make mistakes. They are paying the prices; and need our support to get through this special period in their life. 
What We Do
We use Positive Affirmations to help inmates remain positive attitude in such challenging surroundings
We, volunteers, write letters to inmates nationwide and to Americans in overseas prisons to encourage them and inspire them.
We don't offer any legal assistance or advice.

We send books to inmates and most importantly, we try to financially sponsor their tuitions so they can get Certificates / Degrees for their new careers.

(No, government does not provide free job training, free collegial educations to inmates. Most of them are only counting the days) 

Tremendous Potentials is a 501(c)(3) charity group. All donations are tax deductible.
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