Learn how to be an angel, I am an Angel!
Learn how to be compassionate,
I am a hand of GuangYin

We all are the children of our Creator, and we are all equally loved. We don't judge our spiritual brothers and sisters, because we all are originated from the same source in the universe.

We want to enjoy positive energies just like we want to breathe in fresh and cheerful air, so do inmates.

By lifting up the energies inside the confined spaces, we transmute the vibrations from negative to positive which eventually are spreading to our societies.

We are beyond religions, races, nationalities. We believe that helping one person get healed at a time. Doing that, we get ourselvews healed as well. 

'Healed' means re-claim our innate supreme power, supreme love and supreme wisdom as well as re-enjoy joy and peace.

Our Vision
Our Mission
Inmates are balancing their karmic consequences. It is a painful process; including regret, remorse & loneliness.

We all have been through different kinds of painful situations like illness, depression or anxieties.  It is time for us to help others to get through their personal growing periods.

Some inmates are serving long period of time and losing their families / friends supports. We want them to know that they are not fortogtten. We don't want to send them back, we want to get them educated and ready for their new life when they re-enter the society.

Prison is never the right answer to the crimes. But it is the only method before human beings can figure out a new justice system. Hope someday, a better and more humane system emerges. 


We all have tremendous potentials
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